What Other Benefits There Are

Environment Friendly. No need to consume paper in digital era.

If you need to introduce a completely new menu, you won’t have to reprint all that paper. The QR is always there. Instead we can change the digital page.


Visuals. We can add photographs of the products and even videos showing how the dish & drinks are made. More accurate representation of what the customer is getting.


Paper menus are touched by literally everyone. It is not quite hygienic. With this system everyone will be using their own device to browse the menu.


Events Section. Not only do you get to show your customers your menu on their device, you can also let them know about your events & promotions. This way, your customers will know about an event in the same or another branch.


What It Is

Each table will have designated QR code(s) for customers to scan using their own mobile devices. Upon scanning, they will be directed to a web page where the menu and events will be displayed. With the ‘’basket’’ system, any number of products can be added into the basket and the order can be placed.


Using Admin Panel, staff will be able to monitor the orders and focus more on serving the orders instead of collecting them.


This system aims to decrease the amount of time spent on the floor for table service. With fewer staff, efficient work is possible.


Because this system runs on web, no app is required to use it which means it is really easy and quick. Scan and Order. That’s it.


Features To Be Added


at no additional cost

Apple Pay. Whether it be upfront or at the end of the visit, customers will be able to easily pay for their meal using face scan or thumb scan depending on their mobile. Easy and quick.


Downloadable Application. Instead of using the web based system, customers can opt to download the app which will have additional benefits such as viewing and rating previous

orders at the same establishment, leaving reviews for you to see and loyalty programs. It could be a discount on one’s 5th visit to the restaurant for example.


TripAdvisor – If agreed with you, we can give customers the option to be directed to your TripAdvisor page before the payment. Once they have left a review, they can get an instant

discount on their bill.



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